Sustainable Development



Beyond the sporting aspect, the organization of this event aims to show our know-how while respecting our civic duty towards the environment, the economy and the social issue.

To this end, the French Table Tennis Assosiation, the WWF and the Ministry of Sports did signed the Charter of “Eco-Responsible Commitments of Event Organizers” for the 2020 Veterans World Championships in Bordeaux.


Photo of the Charter signature  “Eco-Responsible Commitments of Event Organizers” with the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu.

The goal is to control the negative aspect on the environment, or even to reverse it, by various specific actions, during, before and after an event. These actions range from waste management to purchasing control, responsible food and emphasize the volunteer.

You can download the full Charter here (downloadable document Sus Dev Charter WVC2020 ).