A maximum number of 5 700 players will be allowed to participate in the WVC 2020 to be held in Bordeaux. Registration of players will only take place upon receipt of the full commitment fees.

Commitment received above this number will be put on a waiting list. Vacancies will be filled with names from the waiting list as a function of cancellations; those moving up will receive an invoice and the commitment fee is due immediately.



  • 175 € per player for commitment fee to the competition
  • 65 € per accompanying persons for entry fee
  • 10 € per accompanying persons per day for entry fee (purchase only on the venue booth)


Included in Commitment Fees for players:
* Starting place which allows playing at the WVC2020,
* Use of practice facilities and competition facilities,
* Tournament documents,
* Participant’s diploma.

Included in Enrty fees for accompanying persons:
* Access to the venue, exepting the playing area,
* Participation (attendance) at the Opening Ceremony.



Online registration by using the registration form. Individual commitment fees and other accreditation costs are payable as soon as the individual online registration is completed.



Once the fees are all paid for, players will receive by e-mail further instructions on how to find a partner.
A double has to be confirmed by both players.
Deadline for finding a partner is Friday, April 3, 2021
After that time a partner will be chosen randomly for you.
Players who are not accredited by Monday, April 26, 2021, 12:00, will be excluded from the doubles event



Preferred method of payment for registration and hospitality is credit card (Mastercard, Visa).

Bank charges, exchange costs etc. will have to be borne by the participant. Outstanding bank charges or handling fees which are always at the participant’s expenses, necessarily have to be paid by the participant (only in Euro) before the tournament documents can be collected.

The organizers will not hand over the back number and tournament documents, both of which entitle the person to participate, unless commitment has been effected.



In principle, cancellation of entry is possible at any point without giving reasons. You have the right to cancel your registration within 14 days after the date of the invoice your registration without any cancellation fee. After 14 days the following cancellation fees will apply:

Before 15th September 2019: no cancellation fee.
From 16th September 2019 to 31st December 2019, the cancellation fee will be 50%.
Modification: Until April 31, 2020, any player who informs us of the cancellation of his participation will be refunded 50% of his registration fee.
The original conditions did not provide for a refund to players in case of cancellation of their participation after January 1st, 2020.

To cancel an registration,  you have to send your given name, family name, invoice number and your bank account details by email to



According to the rates and dates, the cancellation fee will be reimbursed by LNATT within 30 days after receipt of the cancellation. Any fees incurred for reimbursement will be payable by the person cancelling his entry.



By cancelling the tournament participation, hotel bookings will not automatically be cancelled. Accommodation has to be cancelled separately. Cancellation fee will be applied as a function of the hotel and the date of cancellation.

The buyer get 14 days (from the paiement day) to use a right of revocation involving no cancellation fee. This revocation must be made by post (stamp of the post office) or by email to

After the 14 day revocation period, the cancellation fee will be:

– For Accommodations:
50% of the amount paid if canceled before December 31, 2019.
70% of the amount paid if canceled before March 15, 2020.
100% of the amount paid if cancellation after March 15, 2020.

– For Tourist Outings:
100% of the amount paid

In case of revocation, the LNATT has to refund the sums paid by the customer, without charge, except for bank charges and exchange fees. The refund is due within a maximum of 30 days.




To compete, participating players of the 2016 WVC are responsible for their physical and mental fitness. It is recommended that a routine check-up ahead of the WVC should be carried out by a doctor.

The Organizing Committee does not provide health insurance for participants. Any costs for medication, bandages or other medical services will not be born by the Organizing Committee. First aid/medical duty personnel will be available at the IFA during the whole duration of the 2020 WVC.



The Organizing Committee cannot accept liability in case of accidents, injuries, thefts or damages of any kind.

The Organizing Committee does not provide health insurance for participants. Each participant has to take care for his/her health insurance and to bear the relevant costs.

Costs incurred by foreign participants for late departure or non­departure from Bordeaux due to illness will be at each participant’s expense. The Organizing Committee shall not be liable in this respect and has not made out an insurance.