Located just 60 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux benefits from a unique geographical situation in France.

It is in a privileged location that appeals to many travelers who already see themselves strolling along the sandy beaches of the Arcachon Bay or the Basque and Landes coast.


The quality of the waters and the cleanliness of the seaside resorts are even recognized and welcomed on a European scale.

The climate is oceanic. It is characterized by relatively mild winters and hot, sunny summers. In Bordeaux the rate of sunshine is higher than the French average. It invites people to enjoy a rich outdoor life and enjoy the many terraces and sidewalk cafes of the city.




Whether for gastronomic experiences, sporting events and activities, cultural outings or romantic walks, you will find an exceptional number of places to visit.


The Bordeaux Tourism Office will organize various excursions for you to discover the local heritage.